Judges Commisioners

The Lcn Judges Commission has been established in order to assist our members in any problem with another company.

In every conference there will be a special meeting between the Judge Commissioners and the Lcn staff, where many things will be discussed in order to improve the development of our group.

The members who wish to present any complaint or suggestion before the Judge Commissioners are also invited to come and participate at this meeting.

As I had promisse and informed to all of you. This first conference, to whom was there knows that it was a success and the group remained together during every day that we met.

As I promised, here's the Judges Commissioners chosen to make part of our network.
They have a really important role within the group, will make the decisions in disputes between members if any.
This group will meet every year before the date of the conference and will take part in decision-making as a whole to benefit the group.
Here are the names and areas where they will act:

All Judges will analize all cases independently of the member be fm one or another region, but specificly will be responsable for yr own region.

The LCN Judges Commissioners has as its representatives:

João Val JTM Portugal
José C. N. Júnior Multitrans Brasil
Bridget Lowy Dartrans U.S.A.
Sasi Daran Dono Freight UAE