LCN (Logistic Cargo Network) is an international freight forwarders association whose main purpose is to offer to its associates the opportunity to work together in mutual cooperation, strengthening each other as freight forwarders partners and growing together inside the foreign commerce market. We has as one of our main goals to reach each country of the world, so that our partners may find in us the answers for all their needs relation to foreign commerce business. We are sure LCN is able to boost its partners. Our partners are our own market, that is our strategy.

LCN is lead by the President Mr. Edson Zapparoli, who has about 30 years of a vast experience in this market. Mr. Zapparoli has graduated in business administration, and by visiting more than 30 countries of the world in almost all continents, Mr. Zapparoli has become a specialist in foreign commerce, learning the demands and facilities of the main laws at the main ports and airports of the world. For reasons like these, he is certainly able enough to conduct this alliance and assist you in all your requests.

We believe this group is not only a business group, but it is also a friends family. Our leadership consists in friendship business relationship, and the spirit of servants motivate us. By following this concept, our partners have developed among themselves a relationship based on confidence, respect and ethics, and for sure such qualities and characteristics have brought to LCN the difference desired for many others.

By fast replies, and by taking each thing and small detail into consideration, we are sure you will never become disappointed with LCN. Our first commitment is with you, you are our first concern and your company is our first goal and we shall work for your growing. We have a vision and in this vision your company is included. We expect to make your company the leader one today and in the days ahead.


Know what is the statute that governs all activity LCN

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Judges Commisioners

The LCN Judge Commisioners has been established in order to assist our members in any problem with another company.

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District Manager

The LCN district managers are in charge for introducing new and reliable companies to the Association.

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L3P Payment Protection Program

L3P is a new Lcn program created in order to offer to Lcn members a protection service against bad payer agents.

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President: Edson Bellomo Zapparoli
E-mail: edson@lcnassociation.com.br

Exec. Sec.: Eduardo Silva
E-mail: lcn@lcnassociation.com.br

Adm. Sec.: Cleber Silva
E-mail: contact@lcnassociation.com.br


Rua Adolfo D'Avila Nr 11A
V. Regente Feijó - Analia Franco.
Cep: 03344-080
São Paulo/SP - Brazil



Dear partner, thanks a lot for your interest in our association, we are sure that our group may strengthen even more your business. In order to join us, please, you have to take the following steps

1. Fill up the application form (available at application form link) and send it to us, so that we may know more about your company:
2. After sending the form, we from LCN head office will contact you for any doubt;
3. The third step is the payment of the LCN annual membership fee. The annuity lasts twelve months, which means that if you join us in December of a year, then, you will have to pay the fee again only in next December;
4. After the payment of the annuity, LCN will prepare a circular message and introduce your good company to every partners.
5. You will also receive a password and an username for accessing our web site with no restrictions.

We do count on you,

For any doubt, feel free to contact us anytime,